Since 2004, Northern Lights Agency has been and continues to be one of Manchester’s leading fashion agencies.

Currently home to a stable of brands that have a wealth of heritage, Nigel and Lenny are continually reviewing the agencies brand mix and keeping an ear to the ground for the next big thing.


A true classic, Armor-Lux is the original breton company who have been making their famous striped shirts since 1938.


The Farah brand was founded in the US however it didn’t become the iconic brand it is today until it reached the UK in the 1970s.

Original Penguin

Known for its unique, humorous and detail-oriented clothing Penguin has now developed into a full lifestyle brand offering apparel, accessories, footwear and much more.


Japanese inspired & designed Matsumoto a premium mens brand that embraces the sophistication & timeless aesthetic of traditional technological innovation.